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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where Will We Be?

A lot of you have wondered where we are going in our travels. Mark suggested I post a map of our trip here on our blog.

March 26th we will land in Beijing and stay and tour for a couple days. We will be going to the Great Wall while we are there. This gives us a great opportunity to get acclimated to the 12 hour difference in time zones for us before we get Ren.

Our next stop is in the Province of Jiangsu. We will be in the capital city of Nanjing (see pic above). You can see that this is near the East coast of China right above Shanghai. This is where Ren is!!! We will be united with him on the 30th of March!! Ren actually lives about 2 hours to the East of Nanjing toward the coast. When ever you are adopting a child in China you always receive your child in the Capital City. We will stay here and finalize our adoption and complete some paperwork while we enjoy this city.

Then we fly to Guangzhou. This is a very tropical city in the South. We will enjoy our stay at the infamous White Swan Hotel on historical Shamian Island. I hope to enjoy nice warm weather while we are there. Everyone who is adopting must go to Guangzhou for their American Consulate appointment. Guangzhou was once occupied by the British and has a very interesting mixture of Chinese and British architecture set amid tropical palms and greenery! After our stay there we will fly back home through Beijing and be home on April 9th!


Wuxi Mommy said...

I can't wait to make the trip with you!! Did you pack your bikini yet for that Great Wall photo?

Flamingo Mama said...

oooh. i like that map! i stole that for my blog for future use:)

i can't believe we are going in 11 days!!!!!

Elaine said...

ummm ha ha ha I can't find my bikini I think I last saw it in 1992 ;-)
I'll keep looking though.

Elaine said...

Glad you like my fancy artwork on my map, ha ha, you can use it! If you count like i do and not count the day we leave you can 10 days ha ha it makes me feel better ha!

shelley said...

Love the pics of Nanjing, can't wait to see how metro it is.

sara said...

From Nanning to Nanjing that is amazing both your kids have such a similarity in their gottcha day city.
We are thinking about you guys. We re so excited for you.