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Thursday, March 26, 2009

More from yesterday

I stayed up till 8:30 last night and was so proud of myself. I thought I had gotten a running jump on my jet lag. I slept for a good while and woke up refreshed at 11:30 PM! Ha so much for beating jet lag LOL! I made myself stay in bed till 4 AM and actually feel good today. So I found some free time to blog.

Since my photographer was under the weather yesterday my choice of pictures are pretty sparse, but I will have good ones later!

Below are 2 travel weary travelers who have just arrived at the Beijing airport. I feel totally busted now for having used my old skinnier photos on my profile and such. ACK! Here is Eden and her travel pal Tristan. Have Leapsters will travel! These 2 got along so well and entertained each other for hours! They both did sooo well for such a long flight! We are going to be with Tristan's family on this trip. They are a wonderful family and are adopting a little girl :-)! Praise God for good friends.
We are staying at a very nice hotel in downtown Beijing. Here is a picture of some really cool amenities we have in our hotel room.
I just had to post this picture. At first glance I did not know what was in these cans. They are actually masks in case of fire.

Eden and I made a trip out to the local Kentucky Fried Chicken by ourselves last night. It was fun. I actually crossed 4 streets all by myself with Eden in tow unscathed. OK well 2 streets it was 4 times around one one traffic light because I went the wrong way. Quite the experience if you have never done it. The lights are red the crosswalk is telling you to go and the cars, buses, and bicycles, scooters and carts do not stop. We were literally inches away from the moving cars and buses . Now that will get your heart rate up ;-).

Eden is feeling better today and Mark is on the mend. I am soo exited to meet Ren, 3 more days Wooo Hoooo! I can only think about this. I think I would enjoy the Great Wall more if we got Ren first and then went to the Wall (LOL), but I will do my best ;-).


Flamingo Mama said...

Hey!!! We made it too!! We lost a peice of luggage with all of clothes so we may stink! lol

We are having a blast. I have a fever, but no jet lag:) Can't wait to see you on Sunday!!

Heather said...

I'm so glad your flight was uneventful and that Eden did so well. I love the picture of Tristan and her! I remember the jet lag so vividly. I fell asleep during dinner 2 nights in a row (yes, I even laid my head down on a plate of Peking Duck!) Hopefully, you'll sleep past 11:30pm tonight.

I'm going to be praying for you and the rest of the group all day Sunday (your Monday) when you meet sweet Ren. If you get a chance, please tell Cooper that his mama is coming for him soon!

Take care and try to get everyone well soon. Update when you can.

mai said...

Hi Eden,

This is Emma, I miss you in school. Aspen got to take Teddy home this weekend. You won the coupon to Mimi Cafe and so did I. Maybe we can go to the restaurant together to use our coupons. We could go swimming at the pool when you get back with Ren.

Love, Emma

Rachel C. said...

Good job crossing the streets! haha, I remember Caleb and I had to always pretend we were walking with a Chinese person. that usually helped.