The Road To Ren

Our adoption journey to our son Ren William.

Musings by Elaine and other Blitherings. This blog was origonally intended to document our China adoption journey to our son Ren. Now we are home and this blog is about our family. I would love to have you sign my guest book.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

All Good Things Come To Those That Wait

Well we are WAITING to hear something any day now. Does DHL make deliveries on Presidents Day? Ahhhhh *sigh*. I am not going to predict when we will travel to China, I have done that already and here we are in February and still WAITING.

Our big news is that we are going to be moving back "home". We will be moving back to Ohio this Spring! Yay! When are we moving you ask?? We are WAITING to hear. Did I tell you I don't like WAITING? We have to buy a house before we move. That will probably be sometime after we get Ren. I hope to look for a house over our Spring break unless we are in China then, of course I don't know that yet. Can someone give me a "L", give me an "I", give me a "M", give me a "B", and a "O"!!!!!!!! What does that spell???.... Me!! LOL!! I am making fun of myself. I have not been real patient lately, but if these things are problems then they are good problems to have :-). Can't wait to spend time with all our family in Ohio again!

Meanwhile we are packing our suitcases and planning for our trip. Here is a picture of my new toy I will be taking with me to China. It is so tiny it will fit in my purse! It is a mini laptop, Asus Eee, to keep in touch with you all while in China. I took a picture of it next to a paperback to put it in perspective.
Here is Ren's suit case packed.

Who said boys clothes aren't cute! Here is Ren's Adoption Day outfit ready to go! This would look cute with a pair of Chucks, black or red? Note to self: iron that shirt before we go!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Dark hair, silky or coarse

Little fingers, what will be the shape of his nails

Fiery or gentle

Snuggly or constant motion

Serious or funny

Shy or outgoing

Loud or quiet

Easy or stubborn

Kisses or hugs

Who will he be