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Monday, February 16, 2009

All Good Things Come To Those That Wait

Well we are WAITING to hear something any day now. Does DHL make deliveries on Presidents Day? Ahhhhh *sigh*. I am not going to predict when we will travel to China, I have done that already and here we are in February and still WAITING.

Our big news is that we are going to be moving back "home". We will be moving back to Ohio this Spring! Yay! When are we moving you ask?? We are WAITING to hear. Did I tell you I don't like WAITING? We have to buy a house before we move. That will probably be sometime after we get Ren. I hope to look for a house over our Spring break unless we are in China then, of course I don't know that yet. Can someone give me a "L", give me an "I", give me a "M", give me a "B", and a "O"!!!!!!!! What does that spell???.... Me!! LOL!! I am making fun of myself. I have not been real patient lately, but if these things are problems then they are good problems to have :-). Can't wait to spend time with all our family in Ohio again!

Meanwhile we are packing our suitcases and planning for our trip. Here is a picture of my new toy I will be taking with me to China. It is so tiny it will fit in my purse! It is a mini laptop, Asus Eee, to keep in touch with you all while in China. I took a picture of it next to a paperback to put it in perspective.
Here is Ren's suit case packed.

Who said boys clothes aren't cute! Here is Ren's Adoption Day outfit ready to go! This would look cute with a pair of Chucks, black or red? Note to self: iron that shirt before we go!


shelley said...

I should take a picture of the outfit for our consulate appt. CUTE CUTE CUTE. I have loved shopping for boy things. Especially underwear....they are so cute.

I am through predicting as well...maybe if we put our heads in the sand TA will come sooner??

Wuxi Mommy said...

I'm right with you with the patience thing! I'm soooo excited and yet nervous every time the phone rings! Ren's clothes are so cute. I LOVE the sweater:) Boys can be lots of fun to dress, just have to wash their clothes a lot more often! And, they get to wear scooby doo underwear......not fair for the girls, is it?? I have Maia's adoption day dress all picked out, too, and I even found litttle white tights to match. This is going to be amazing, isn't it? I'm so glad I'll be there to see you meeting Ren for the first time. Did you pack extra tissues?

Laura Barnwell said...

Soon, soon, soon! I am so glad Mark got the job and the move is on! To go to China and move... enjoy the waiting now, cause soon you will be busy enough for all of us! Love you all, Laura

Rachel C. said...

I think red chucks would be nice :)

gnanna said...

Hi Elaine,

I keep checking hoping you will soon be on your way to China to bring that precious guy home! Tonight Lily wanted to look at pictures and we came across Ren and she said she wants to go see Ren. I asked if she wanted to see the caregivers and she shook her head "no"-- it was kind of funny` but with Ren it was "yes" and lots of smiles. I think she really misses him a lot! Hurry and bring him home! Sorry the wait is so long...hang in there!