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Friday, August 29, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged! I have to answer the questions and then tag someone else. Sounds like fun so here goes. I have decided I need to get some more interests or something ha ha.

7 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

  • See my grand kids

  • Travel the world

  • Take a vacation somewhere really cool with ALL 5 of my kids along

  • Take a vacation with just my husband

  • Settle down in one place I really like for a long time

  • Have my house stay clean for a really long time

  • Hike Bryce Canyon

7 Things I Can Do:

  • Love my family

  • Roll my tongue

  • Identify birds

  • Score over a million in Bejeweled

  • Play Mario Party

  • Make a mean chocolate Flourless cake (and then eat it), see picture Rachel helped bake this one with me

  • Sing along to Fiddler on the Roof my favorite movie (not on key but its a lot of fun)

7 Things I Can Not Do:

  • Sky dive EVER

  • Listen to country western music

  • Pretend to be a liberal

  • Sing

  • I cannot lie well

  • I cannot dance well

  • swim in the ocean after watching Jaws

7 Things That Attracted Me To My Hubby:

  • His good looks

  • His humor

  • His height (6'4")

  • His kindness and generosity

  • He's the opposite of me

  • His spontaneity

  • He likes to make me laugh

  • His compassion (whoops that's 8)

7 Things I Say Most Often:

  • "Cool"

  • "Have faith"

  • "I love you"

  • "Can I ask a stupid question"

  • "Have you prayed about it"

  • "Does this make me look fat?"
7 Celebrity Crushes:

  • Nicholas Cage

  • Tom Sellak

  • Brad Pitt

  • Johnny Depp

  • Takeshi Kaneshiro

  • Legolas

  • Vin Diesel


Heather said...

Your chocolate cake looks so tempting! I loved your list, especially the things you say the most:) This might be a fun activity to do on our 14 hour plane ride to Beijing:)

Rachel said...

I liked this list too. I miss you.