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Our adoption journey to our son Ren William.

Musings by Elaine and other Blitherings. This blog was origonally intended to document our China adoption journey to our son Ren. Now we are home and this blog is about our family. I would love to have you sign my guest book.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Good News

We have been waiting to hear how Ren was doing after he had been sick and we received good news! He is fine, no signs of any symptoms and his blood count is good now. We think he just had a weird reaction to a childhood virus. We were not really worried about it but it is good to know there are no lingering signs. Still no new pictures :-(. There is a group of people traveling over to China to be united with their children, maybe we will get pictures when they visit the orphanage then.

Other news, my daughter Rachel is home between college classes for a week. It is great having her here and we will celebrate her 20th birthday before she leaves. TWENTY YEARS OLD!!!! Wow kids grow up so fast, I'm getting in all the hugs I can while she is here. Eden has been stuck to her big sister like glue. Rachel is going to babysit so Mark and I can go out on a date. Now all i have to do is remember what a date is, LOL!


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Heather said...

I'm so thankful that you've recieved a good report about Ren!! He's been in our prayers as we anxiously wait to meet him in a few short months! The picture of your girls are so cute:) What a blessing our children are! Let's pray for a speedy LOSC:)