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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What A Day!

Waking up in China on any given day is exciting, but waking up in China on your 45th Birthday is especially cool! The best part is being with my family! Having such a beautiful wife and two of the cutest kids to share my birthday with make it the best ever, as far as I am concerned.
Today we are going to take a walking tour of Nanjing which should be cool. Ren is definitely a Daddy's boy! He wont let me out of his sight and yells "Bah Bah!" which means Daddy in Chinese.
Yea... I would say this is starting out to be the be the best birthday ever! I can hardly take it all in without getting a little choked up. Ren is already learning English words... Not bad for day three. He is a "charmer" Last night at dinner we were walking back to the table and he walked up to a pretty Chinese lady and smiled. She rubbed his cheek and told him what a handsome little boy he was. He knodded in agreement... I need to find out what the Chinese word for "little clown" is. He told the Nannies that he was Edens big brother, NOT her little brother. You could tell by the way Ren acted at the Orphanage, he pretty much ruled the roost during his tenure. Ren loves to see the other children that were adopted, and when he does, he talks to them and takes them food. Right now he is going through his photo album naming every person in the pictures. Did I mention this was the best birthday ever...


Rachel C. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! I'm so glad you are having a good birthday in China :) I know you will never forget this one.

Kelly Bee Sting said...

Happy birthday! Congratulations!

mai said...

Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday!

Ren is so amazingly cute. Did you ever imagine he would be so sweet?

I'm so happy for you and hope the rest of your time in China is wonderful!

Sending good thought your way...

barnwells said...

Happy Birthday Bah Bah. We love you, and are so filled with joy every time you post something! Jim keeps saying he wants more girls, but I tell you, God is going to give him a boy just cause He can, lol! Laura and Jim