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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last Day in Nanjing

This is our last day in Nanjing! Nanjing is a very interesting city. We toured a brocade factory yesterday and saw incredible dresses and clothes. Then we went to the Nanjing city wall and walked around. I got a lot of pictures but I am not going to attempt to download them here today (sorry). I will try and post them later in Guangzhou. Hopefully my computer will work better there.

We had a wonderful celebratory dinner last night with our whole group and our guide Anna bought Mark a surprise birthday cake!! It was beautiful and very delicious!

Ren is doing wonderful. He is smart and absolutely adorable. He is adjusting more and more each day. He is still more attached to daddy though, which is OK. I am getting precious kisses now so I don't need anything else!!!!! He is starting to use more English also, I wouldn't say he is communicating in English but he is learning. He speaks mandarin so well that I think he thinks we should learn his language. He is such a sweetheart! He loves seeing his friends in our group and they all are sharing their food and make sure they all have something to eat. He sings and dances, I think they spent a lot of time in class learning things!

I was initially worried bout Eden and how well she would do on this trip. She has been an only child in the house for awhile. She is doing really well also. There is the normal sibling rivalry but nothing major. We do have to have 2 of everything for now though :-). She has been a great traveler and a very good big sister!

Eden wants to give a big shout out to Jenifer Elementary!!! She says hi and she misses you , she will see you when she gets back!!

Today we fly to Guangzhou and stay at the famous White Swan Hotel. Our whole group is looking forward to warmer weather. The weather in Nanjing has been nice actually just a little chilly at times. Guangzhou should be in the 70's!!


mai said...

Happy traveling. It's been so wonderful to read and look at pictures about your trip. I feel like I'm almost there with you all. Can't wait for the next leg of the trip and to read more about the Ren and Eden. It's truly is wonderful to see the blessings that Our Father has bestow upon you and your family.

BTW the class said,"HI EDEN!!!!"

G. Silva said...

I'm enjoying following the adventures of the group as you all bond with your children and explore China together. It seems that internet access has been especially good for you all. Other families complained that Blogspot was blocked. Are you not having that problem?