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Our adoption journey to our son Ren William.

Musings by Elaine and other Blitherings. This blog was origonally intended to document our China adoption journey to our son Ren. Now we are home and this blog is about our family. I would love to have you sign my guest book.

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Friday, December 5, 2008


"Gorgeous! friendly, outgoing...big smile, looks healthy. Needs help
with toileting, not completely potty trained yet.Very interactive and sociable!"

What a wonderful surprise we received in the mail yesterday!! New pictures of Ren!! We had heard that he could be living with a foster family and I was not expecting anymore pictures of him. The directors of our adoption agency recently traveled to China, met Ren and took pictures of him for us!!! From piecing all my information together he could be coming to "work" with his ayi or foster mom to the orphanage and then going home with her at night and weekends. Of course this is all guessing on my part from little clues I have gotten recently.

What a wonderful surprise for us as we wait for word to travel. We had expected to have traveled and have been home with Ren for awhile now. But because of new Hague rules and "other things", it has taken us a little longer to get him than we expected. We are anxiously waiting to hear when we are going! Hopefully it will be in the next 2 months or so! He looks very good in his pictures. All the swelling in his cheeks from the steroids has gone away. Notice "Pooh" is spelled backwards on his jacket, soooo cute ha ha.


Wuxi Mommy said...

Oh Elaine! He's soooo precious! Look at his big smile!!! Your pictures are such a treasure, and I'm soooo happy for you!! What a wonderful Christmas gift:) I can't wait to meet your little treasure!

Haley Johnson said...

Wow, Hes adorable!!! Its getting soon---I see your son is in the middle of asia somewhere... wow. Your family is turning into world travelers and so culturized! Thats awesome! I cant wait to see you guys again soon. What do the holidays look like?

Mommy said...

Awwwww...precious boy! I know you are so excited to pinch those little cheeks...

shelley said...

OOHHH I love to see all the smiles in his pictures. Our Kevin didn't want to smile the day they took his pictures. Still praying for an LOA soon.

Charissa said...

What a handsome little guy! He looks wonderful - what a great smile! I am praying for you and Heather to get your LOSC soon. I know the wait is so very long. I hope you are all doing well and that the wait isn't weighing on you too much.
Wishing you all the best!
-Charissa (fellow Xingfu parent)

Heather said...

Ren is absolutely beautiful. It looks like he and Cooper are happy and well fed. I can't wait to go and hug their sweet necks! This may be stretching things, but go and look on the XingFu Yahoo group and look for the picture titled, "Language Lesson in Wuxi". Based on clothing alone, I think Cooper & Ren are in the photos. Cooper is on the right in the yellow jacket and brown shoes. You can barely see him but I think Ren is on the left, behind the teacher in the white shirt. It looks like the same black pants with a yellow stripe that he is wearing in your new pictures. It's a longshot but I really think it's them (you can tell I get excited over any little thing these days!)
I'm praying every day that you get your LOA soon. I can't wait to follow your journey. It's the next best thing to holding Cooper in my arms.
Take care,
Heather O.

One Blessed Mama said...

Hi Elaine,

He is adorable! What great pictures. I will be praying that you receive your LOA very soon. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We hope to hear about our TA this week. YIKES!

Djuna in Waldorf
Mom to 2 from China Hope and Amelia

Mommy said...

Oh my goodness Elaine! I just read that Lily and Ren are pals...AWWWWWW...that is so sweet. I bet you can't wait to see those pictures!!!!!!!!!!!