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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Girls

Rachel has been home on her winter break. I have enjoyed having my 2 girls together. Rachel "kid sitted" for us as Eden likes to say, and Mark and I had a date! This could in reality be one of the last dates we get in a very long time, LOL! After we bring Ren home we will have to keep him close to us and not leave him with anyone for a while (I'm thinking a year, yes really) . We will need to do this for attachment or bonding purposes because he will need to learn that we are his mommy and daddy and we will be together as a family forever! Thank you for "kid sitting" Rachel!!
I have so enjoyed Rachel this visit. We went ice skating one day with my friend Becky. I don't think I have been on ice skates in over 30 years!!! I am proud to say I stayed on my feet but I will get no medals for gracefullness, ha ha ha! We had a blast! I learned that I need to work out more ;-)!

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Flamingo Mama said...

Your daughter's are beautiful!

A year? oh my. I get claustrophobic thinking about that! I am prepared for that though...however it has taken me awhile to get to that point which is why it has taken me until now to say I REALLY ready to bring her home!!