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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good Friends

My friend Carolyn and her Daughter Keira came for a visit this past weekend! Eden and Keira were best friends when we lived in Georgia. They have not seen each other for 15 months but started playing together like they had never been apart. I have not heard so much giggling in a long time. It was wonderful to see my friend Carolyn too, whom I had missed very much. We spent one day walking around DC. We all met her husband Wolfgang downtown and enjoyed a wonderful meal at a Irish Pub with Irish music and some yummy Shepard's Pie. Here are some pictures we took of our weekend.
friends on the metro

Making our lunch at the China Town Express. The ancient art of noodle making.

In front of the FBI building
In front of the White House

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Wuxi Mommy said...

The girls are soooo adorable! It looks like you had a wonderful day:) You know, we should visit Chinatown with you sometime soon. I didn't realize there was one in DC!