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Saturday, October 25, 2008

WHO said Mothers don't get paid???

Priceless artwork the bunny ballerina

I am a rich woman. I am a mom who gets paid very well for the job I do. Sometimes I feel over paid for my job but none the less I'll take it. How much do I get paid you ask? Well let me answer that for you. Sometimes I am compensated in very unusual ways, sometimes its all about the perks, sometimes it is things you just can't put a price on. So here are a few of the ways I'm blessed everyday.

  • I receive works of art on a daily basis. I also have my portrait done regularly. This is very nice because my artist usually leaves out all the wrinkles, grey hair and extra pounds!

  • I receive flowers, my favorite are bouquets of dandelions

  • I also receive gems and treasures. Particularly shells, very interesting rocks in various forms of pink, feathers, and interesting unidentifiable objects .

  • I receive calls home from college on a regular basis from my college age children, Priceless.

  • Free comedy shows, specifically knock knock jokes that last for hours if you let them.

  • I get to attend ballet performances

  • I was serenaded by a Chinese Opera singer ALL day the other day. This was quite interesting and I must get this on video one day. This could prove to be quite lucrative and I could probably use the video to blackmail someone one day.

  • I attend fashion shows regularly

  • I am loved "a gadzillion 5 thousand 90 hundreds eleventeen times!"

  • And the #1 pay off I receive is the hugs and kisses I get all day long. Life is good.
    fashion show


Rachel said...

That's a great picture she drew!

Heather said...

Hey! I just "tagged" you. This particular tag has been making the rounds for a while, so you may have already seen it. If you're interested, I'd love you to post your responses. The instructions are on my blog.
Have a great Halloween,
Heather O.