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Friday, May 23, 2008

Earthquakes in China

For those of you who wondered Ren was not affected by the earthquake, although they would have felt the rumblings in his Province. This earthquake has had devastating consequences across China. My heart breaks every time I see it on the news. 5 million homeless, its hard to wrap my mind around those numbers. Parents have lost children and children have lost parents. Over 55,000 people lost and still counting. It makes my problems and annoyances seem very petty. Please pray that the diseases do not outbreak and spread now, this will be a big challenge. China needs 3 million tents just to house the homeless. For those of you that would like to help I have taken this from my agency's (Homeland) website and posted it below.

Please join us in supporting the American Red Cross efforts in
providing emergency services to the victims of the recent earthquake in
Sichuan Province. The Red Cross has a 4 star rating for effectiveness from
Guidestar, the independent charity evaluation organization. Please visit: and
give what you can!

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