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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

About Ren

More about Ren.
Ren was born in the Province of Jiangsu. This is on the East coast of China on the Yellow Sea. This is a Province that is North of Shanghai. He is at the Wuxi SWI in Wuxi City. Fortunately Wuxi SWI is a very good orphanage where they provide very good care for the children and have many activities for them all day.

Ren's birthday is September 1st 2005. He is said to be "speaking 3 to 5 word sentences and knows what no means"."He is able to dress himself and is cooperative". He is described as "active, restless, fond of imitating, fond of listening to music". "He likes to play with toys and loves sharing them with others". His report goes on to say "he likes using his brain and became interested with new things". "He is polite and gets along well with others. He loves studying and was a very good kid" :-). The last update says"He Ren is active and easy smile...sometimes he is a little stubborn". He goes to early education class and I have seen him in pictures of music class!

His report says quite often that he is active. Uh Oh! I think I need to go brush off the old treadmill and get on there!

His favorite foods are cookies and yogurt! His favorite toy is a toy bear.

He gets up early (6:30) and goes to bed early (8:00), yeah! same schedule as us! This last report is from September so I imagine he has changed quite a bit. I will update this blog when we receive more information. I can't wait to see more pictures of him and learn more!
"A person is a person no matter how small" Dr. Seuss

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tryinagain06 said...

You Rock, Ren Kal-el, Ren of God. Eden, quit getting so big!

Come spend the weekend with us. Bring Bob and Auggie. It will be one furry, poopy, fun weekend. I'll make pizza dip if you'll make potato skins, Mark.